PYLOT is a new intelligent online platform created by the Dutch company KUBO for owners, directors and growers of greenhouse complexes to make growing easier and increase production efficiency.
PYLOT can be integrated with existing horticultural systems, and then it automatically accumulates and analyzes the key greenhouse data: harvest, plans, climate, irrigation, crop balance, energy consumption, etc.
PYLOT allows you to start a digital transformation of your business, quit with Excel files and come to interactive reports, allowing managers to be on track even on business trips using a smartphone.
Intelligent recommendations of the system allow the owner to see what limitations have led to a decrease in harvest or product quality, understand and control the grower strategy, track the failures of the climate computer and sensors in time and benchmark your greenhouse efficiency and KPIs.
The system is constantly expanding with algorithms and recommendations that simplify decision making based on the best Dutch expertise and the peculiarities of the local market.
The following species are supported in PYLOT: tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, lettuce.