Podosinki greenhouse complex is located in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region. The company is engaged in cultivation of elite rose varieties, such as Grand Prix, Red Naomi, Talea, Avalanche, and new varieties, such as Maritime, Espana, Luise. The complex equipped with cutting-edge technologies comprises 9 ha of greenhouses for growing cut flowers.This state-of-the-art facility constructed in cooperation with Dutch companies Bulneth and Dalsem Horticyltyral Projects B.V includes three greenhouses on the total area of 9 ha. The first greenhouse (3 ha) was commissioned in 2006, the next two (6 ha) – in 2008. All three greenhouses operate using the same rose cultivation system.Over the years, the greenhouse complex has formed a network of regional distributors, and their number is constantly increasing. The sales system is based on dealer relations with large wholesale operators in various regions of Russia. At present, the company cooperates with distributers from the Tver, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Tula, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Stavropol regions. And this is only a small part of the distribution network.


The area of the greenhouse complex is 55 ha. The company grows 46 varieties of vegetables, 20 varieties of potted flowers and seedlings, 23 types of herbs and lettuce. Moskovsky product mix has been developed considering the needs of retail and HoReCa channels. Demand varieties of greenhouse vegetables and herbs are grown alongside new trendy ones.Up-to-date robotic greenhouses have been built on the territory of the holding. An onsite power plant ensures uninterrupted equipment operation in an autonomous mode. Due to high technological efficiency, the contact with the product is reduced to a minimum.To protect plants from pests, complex specialists apply modern biological methods: in a production laboratory they grow insects – entomophages and bumblebees to pollinate plants.A wide range of Moskovsky products includes popular types of vegetables, rare varieties of lettuce, herbs in pots, and berries.In a service and distribution centre, each stage is well-adjusted: product sorting, packaging, and shipment is followed by strict control.The growing fleet of the agricultural holding has more than 150 cars. It delivers products to the largest chains, retail stores, cafes, and restaurants of the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries.

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