Gautier Semences is a French, family-owned and independent company, established in 1952.
For more than 60 years, we have been specialised in breeding, producing and retailing high quality vegetable seeds for the professional market.
At Gautier Semences, we cultivate values that result in ever more innovative, efficient and attractive products.
Our mission is based on three major pillars: Serving farmers by offering productive and resistant varieties that help them secure their crops and maintain yields while adopting more environmentally friendly techniques.
Meeting the retailing demand by providing solutions in terms of conservation, uniformity, colour…
Satisfying consumers by always offering more diversity and flavours, to bring all the benefits of vegetable consumption to everyone.
Our passion for taste and flavour can be seen in our varieties, an objective that our breeders always target.
Because consumers always give their preference to the best tasting products.

GAUTIER Semences
Route d’Avignon
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