Bio Technology is one of the biggest Russian-based companies, whose main activity is
Production of beneficial insects and mites for greenhouse biological and integrated crop protection. Products of Bio Technology are well-known all over Russia as well as in other countries.

Bio Technology is committed to help its customers to choose domestic product of high standards and at a fair price.
The company was found in 2006 and is headquartered in Belgorod, being the pioneer in producing beneficial insects.
Bio Technology commercializes more than 9 species of beneficial insects. Our products are certified by certificate of quality and species identification, which has no analogues in the world.

Second line of production facility was launched in June, 2020 also in Belgorod. New equipment and advancements in technology lead to significant increases in production and consequently it allows us to better serve existing customers and getting new ones.

Our team of dedicated professionals is the cornerstone of our success. We continuously replenish our competence and experience to be able to apply theoretical knowledge in actual work.
Our skilled specialists always ready to provide all the necessary assistance to get best solutions, whether it takes a development of technology or crop protection strategy. Performing a market analysis along with own experience enable us to identify market opportunities and implement a market growth strategy.
We help our customers to fall in love with IPM.